Fitting Services

I’ve been providing bike fitting services in Madison, WI for over ten years. For many of those years, I did more than 200 fitting sessions each year. I’ve helped riders with their road bikes, mountain bikes, track bikes, TT bikes, tri bikes, town bikes, adventure racing bikes, cross bikes, recumbents and tandems. I’ve often solved problems that previous fitting sessions with other technicians failed to solve. I’ve worked in conjunction with many riders’ health care professionals to solve issues that kept them from having fun on the bike. And I’ve certainly helped a lot of riders to go faster, recover quicker and be more comfortable.

These are my rates for fitting services in 2012:

$300 for TT / Tri bikes.
$250 for Road, MTB, Cross, Recumbent and Town bikes.
$125 for something I call, “Cleats and Seats.” (Everything from the hips down.)
$125 for any additional fitting sessions within the same year. (A review of the same bike as the season goes on or a different type of bike and/or additional bikes. If you’re returning within the same year, I charge less because I’m grateful for your business.)

I accept payment by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Dwolla.

Phone me or email me to discuss my fitting services or to set up an appointment.

(608) 335-6597