Hi.  I’m Craig Watson.  I work in the bike industry.  I teach bike fitting — the art and science of dialling-in a bike to fit the rider.

I’ve helped thousands of riders over the years to ride farther, faster and with more comfort.  I’ve worked with pro bike racers, professional triathletes, professional mountain bike racers and many, many thousands of recreational bike riders who just wanted to have more fun and be more comfortable on their bikes.  I’ve solved many hundreds of knee aggravations that were the result of cleat wear, mis-alignment or improper set-up.  I’ve helped people get back to bike riding after serious car accidents.  I’ve helped triathletes complete an Ironman event when they failed the year before because their aerobar set-up was so uncomfortable that they couldn’t settle into the aero position.  And on and on…

These days, I teach the lessons I’ve learned over the years.  Bike shops all around the world now know that they have a responsibility to fit the bike to the rider.  I teach the people in those bike shops how to develop a keen eye and a skilled hand so that they can help more riders be comfortable too.

My Latest Blog Posts:

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  • 4 March 2011 : The Cinelli M-71 Pedal
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