$425 Everything

Everything. A Functional Movement Screening to begin. Then, a Complete Bike Fitting Session followed by an aerodynamic analysis using BioRacer Aero software. Includes Documentation of Geometry and Fit.

(5 hours)

$340 Complete + bioracer aero

Complete Bike Fitting Session including Bioracer Aerodynamic Analysis.

(4 hours)

$295 Complete Fitting session

Complete Bike Fitting Session. The most popular choice.

(3 hours)

$175 mountain, fat bikes, commuter

Bike Fitting Session for Mountain Bikes, Fat Bikes, Commuter Bikes and Recumbents.

(3 hours)

$145 cleats to seat

Cleats to Seat Fitting Session.  The right choice for minor knee aggravation or saddle issues.  Also appropriate if you've purchased new shoes or are looking for a new saddle.

(2 hours)

$125 recreational bikes

Bike Fitting Session for Commuter Bikes or Flat-Bar Recreational Bikes without clip-in pedals.

(2 hours)

$75 follow up with new equipment

Follow Up with New Equipment. Appropriate when changing saddles, shoes, pedals.

(2 hours)

$45 Follow Up

If it's the same bike and the same equipment that I've previously fit for you, it's a Follow Up.  Regardless of how long it's been since your Fitting Session.

(2 hours)

$75 bioracer aerodynamic analysis

(1 hour)


Documentation of Geometry and Fit. Measure and record the bike and bike set up.

(1 hour)

$45 FMS

Functional Movement Screening or Re-Screening.

(1 hour)

Though I spent many years drafting custom geometry and many more years selling bikes, I generally don't provide either of the following services anymore. Please ask if you need help and/or can't find the help you need when purchasing a new bike. (Both of these services are often included when buying a new bike.)

*  Bike Sizing: Pre-Purchase Sizing to ensure that you purchase a bike that fits you well.

*  Development of frame geometry for a new, made-to-measure custom bike.