“It is a testament to Craig’s professional fitting service that I can ride a century ride or beyond and not have any of the usual aches and pains associated with long rides like ulnar nerve pain, tired arms, knee or hip pain, or neck pain.  Sure my quads get tired, but all contact points and position on the bike feel fine.  Craig has an eye for seeing how a person rides, and after 1000′s of fittings can dial you into your bike like you never thought possible.”

“I have been working with Craig for around eight years. Over that time he has fit me on multiple bikes, addressed every one of my “issues” and designed a bike for me. Some of my cycling related issues, back pain and knee pain, required less than 4mm of change. Craig is the only one I know with the experience and attention to detail to be able to detect and make the precise adjustments needed. I sincerely believe I would not be riding a bike today if Craig had not made those exact adjustments to my fit.”

“When fitting me on my new bike, Craig helped me reach a point where I felt nothing. No aches, no pulling, no twinges or tweaks. It just felt right.”

“Craig is very thorough and professional. He got me set up perfectly on two different bikes. Worth the time and money!”